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Avoid your LinkedIn activity working AGAINST you

I recently found an blog post through my twitter feed from a recruiter who has a popular blog on social media and networking. Stacy Zapar’s blog offers valuable information that she has gained form personal experience in her professional life. The post I found to be most relevant was called, “Oops! What NOT to Do While Networking on LinkedIn”.

She offers the following 10 tips:

  • Don’t ask strangers or recruiters for recommendations
  • Don’t ask a recruiter to find you a job
  • Don’t ask a recruiter if they have a job opening for you
  • Don’t ask for someone to give you another persons email address
  • Don’t ask if someone you know knows someone else
  • Don’t tell someone you want to apply for a certain position at company they no longer work for
  • Don’t ask a recruiter to help with your resume
  • Don’t try to set up a vague meeting with someone (people’s time is valuable, they’re not going to meet with you unless you have something to offer)
  • Don’t forget to send personalized connection requests
  • Don’t use revealing, flashy, vague or group photos as you profile picture

Through her examples of what not to do I feel she offers a valuable lesson on what to do on LinkedIn. That is, to use LinkedIn successfully you must put in your own time and effort and not expect to make some magical connection with someone who will do all the work for you.

One thing that struck me is how annoyed she was that people ask her if she’s connected to another person at a certain place. She says, “Rather than asking me to stop what I’m doing and run a search of my database to find a list of all possible contacts at a company, please do a little homework and run a search yourself.  You can easily find out the answer and then send an introduction request to me (or perhaps someone else in your network) who can introduce you to the perfect target contact.” (Zapar). I can see how this one is a common mistake. A lot of people might be nervous to ask someone to connect them with someone they know if fear of being seen as “creepy” for searching through all their connections to find this information out. In reality this information is as much a part of the profile as their bio.

It all goes back to putting in the effort to building you network. It goes beyond finding a job but more so to establishing relationship people to showcase your professional skill.

You can read Stacy Zapar’s entire post here:

Comment below to let me know what you thought about her tips!


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  1. This is a useful article to call to our attention!

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