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Taking Pinterest to the Professional Level

Like many, I have recently become OBSESSED with the social media site

If your not familiar with Pinterest, it allows you to “pin” awesome things you find on the Internet and share them with others. You create pinboards that can serve as inspiration for ideas and projects, style boards and pretty much anything else you can think of! Not only that but you can follow other pinners, pinboards and even tags. Most pins also link to the site that the pin originated on where you can find more information. Whether your pining or repinning it’s a great way to present you ideas visually.

Not only can you spend hours getting lost in the site it can also serve your business or organization. I found an article on the blog site 12 Most on how pinterest can be used of branding purposes.

Here is a summary and my thoughts on their tips, also be sure to check out the full article here.

You have been pinned

  • I think this tip is great because it is an undeniable fact that may companies are likely to gloss over. Essentially, even if you don’t have a strong social media presence your brand has likely been pinned. Even DIY projects people feature on their blogs are receiving pins so if your a large brand it’s especially important to be aware and make sure the image being present is positive.

Follow us on Pinterest

  • This one’s easy, if your brand is going to take the time to create an account make sure you also include easy was for your customers to follow you.

Be easy to Pin

  • This is an important one! If you want your brand to have a strong presence on Pinterest you may have to tweak your web content, mainly images, to ensure they can be Pinned easily. If you have multiple items in one image people may shy away from Pinning them because they only want part of you image.

Add the Pin It button

  • Having the Pin button right on your website will make it easier and more convent for a brand to receive Pins. This small encouragement could really boost your presence!

Create Boards

  • Create a board that tells people who you are and what your brand is about. The possibilities are endless here, you can create hundreds of boards to showcase up and coming products, things that inspire your brand and things that represent what you brand is!

P.O.P (promote others pins)

  • This tip is one of my favorites! I think it’s so important for brands to use social media the same way anyone else would use it. This means that instead of having a strictly corporately created board of all your own pins, you also share those of others. Engaging with the community your in and Pining things outside of your brand that still represent it will create a connection with consumers that can greatly benefit your brand.


  • Another favorite, social media has become one of the greatest research tools because it is a direct line to the consumer. Not only that but you can easily gauge data based on popularity and other metrics to quantify your results. There is no excuse to not use social media as a research tool; it’s simply too easy to get direct feedback from your consumers.

Find advocates and influencers

  • This is another great way to get feedback! Find people who represent your brand they way you want it represented and engage with them. A lot of valuable information can be gained this way.

Humanize your brand

  • This tip is all about letting your customers see the “behind the scenes” of your brand. You can let the personality of the awesome people behind your brand shine and let your customers get to know you better. This tip is great because social media is all about connecting!!


  • Get multiple people involved. Employees or consumers showing multiple sides to your brand with reach a wider audience.

Fan curated boards

  • You can learn a lot about your product by showcasing the Pins of you costumers. This will draw attention to your brand and engage with consumers so what could be better!


  • Create fun and creative ways to utilize your boards. If your trying to decide between two ideas ask your Pinterest fans to repin their favorite. It’s a great way to start a buzz about a new product!
Are you as Pinterest obsessed as I am? Comment below and let me know!
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12 Most – 12 Most Beneficial Ways for Brands to use #Pinterest



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One thought on “Taking Pinterest to the Professional Level

  1. I am OBSESSED with pinterest! I cannot imagine what I did without it! I had never thought of companies using it as a way to brand, but that would be such a fantastic idea! I know for instance that Miami has an account and I have repinned many things from them!

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