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Viral Video – Dollar Shave Club

Dollar shave club just open it (virtual) doors to the public last week and already over 3 million people know who they are. The quick rise to notoriety is due to the hilarious viral video they launched on YouTube in conjunction with the launch of the company.

The success of the video has generate a great deal of buzz in a short amount of time. The context of this camping go right along with the topic for my research assignment.

Both the video and the article/video from Yahoo! discussing it provide a credible source to by research topic because they highlight a real example of how to use YouTube as a successful social media platform in regards to a business. While the detail of both may not be the most in-depth analysis of information they both contain contain valuable metrics measuring the videos success in such a short amount of time. The video itself indicates that it has received over 3 million view, indicating its popularity. While the article describes sale increases the company has experiences since the video as well as a discussion with a credible source on communication and advertisement. They highlight key points such as question the quality of the product and how that will ultimately determine the success of the company.

However, what I think is of higher important than any statistics can provide is the mass amount of buzz the video has generated. The article ends on the note that all in all the Dollar Shave Club video accomplished an enormous advertisement goal of going from unknown to known by millions in a weeks time. More impressive they attracted viewers willingly as opposed obtrusive commercials or placed ads. By creating highly entertaining content they have created a successful social media campaign through earned media rather than paid media.

While any organization can not guarantee the viral success of their videos these tactics can still be followed to gain success through YouTube as a social media tool.


What do you think of the Dollar Shave Club video and this example of using YouTube for business communication? Comment below!


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