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Credible Source: “Cool” engagements with YouTube

“Cool” engagements with YouTube was written in 2007 by James Trier, editor of the Media Literacy Department at University of North Carolina. This source really identifies the crux of social media marketing long before it was a mainstream practice.

It provides a critical understanding of how videos serve us in terms of popular media as well as the process of seeking and searching for this content, which is done by the user. He goes on to explain how once users have found this content they share it with other creating discussion.

While this source may seem like the basics for social media in general, the focus it pertains to YouTube mays it invaluable for my report. It compares it to traditions video based commercial advertisement which showcases the power YouTube holds in terms of branding and remaining familiarity. As well, it provides a thorough understanding of content and why users seek it out and then share it. It provides a great understand to all that YouTube can and is doing!

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Read cool Engagements With YouTube

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