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Credible Source: Social Media Examiner

Credible Source: Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner published a report entitled 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report: (italics) How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses detailing the trends in social media marketing. This source is a credible research report detailing everything from the basics of social media marketing to important surveys and demographics.

This source details social media marketing as it pertains to the social media community at large. It offers comparisons across platforms, rising trends, tips and tools, inquires and benefits. It provides key figures to how marketers feel about a variety of social media aspects as well as a strong understanding of how marketing professions can utilize these tools. For my research it will server as a reference to all thing social media, in a general sense!

This source will serve as a great resource for my report because it contains valuable information to how YouTube stands among all social media. It will provide a wonderful reference to understanding how YouTube functions as a social media tool. By comparing it to other social media tool it is helpful in highlighting unique areas that YouTube has to offer as well as a solid understanding of the other social media, which will allow me to understand how those platforms both work in conjunction with YouTube and also against YouTube. Identifying these areas can only help my findings detail how businesses can create the strongest possible content within the larger sphere of social media.

What do you think of The Social Media Examiner’s report? Comment below!

View the report here:  SocialMediaMarketingReport2011

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