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Infographic: YouTube

I found an infographic that gets to the crux of what having a successful channel on YouTube looks like. Using subscription as the basis of their measurement, the graphic shows the top 10 YouTubers. The concept of subscribers alone is highly important to my research topic. Companies need to utilize the YouTube platform not just for a single video they want to share but for a consistent broadcasting of videos. Just as they would regularly post on their blog, they should create a video for their customers. The goal is to use YouTube to develop a community and engage with their consumers in order to grow their business.

The bottom of the infographic summaries the main concepts that connect the top 10 YouTubers. It highlights both what to expect and what is expected of them. There is valuable relevant information such as the fact that none of these channels became successful overnight. They didn’t start out with a viral video. It took them time but they were able to develop content relevant to what an audience wanted and they continued to produce it consistently.

The lessons are valuable to any business using the social media tool. Their videos need to offer something of value to their viewers that can be consistently produced while also keeping videos concise and relatively short.

Source: New Media Rockstars


Manarino, M. (Designer). (2012). Infographic: What youtube’s top 10 are made of. [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from

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