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Presentations: What’s the best approach?

When thinking about the best methods for delivering a presentation I was immediately drawn to the articles featuring “The Lessig Method of Presentation”. This is because, well, I think Lawrence Lessig is AWESOME!!! My bias of his greatness aside his techniques in oral presentation are fantastic and there is a great deal to be learned from it.

  • You’re giving the presentation, not the PowerPoint. Presentation slides should be used as a method of highlighting your speaking points in the same manner one would bold a word to make it stand out in writing. Lessig’s one word slides are a great example of this.
  • Show what you’re talking about, don’t talk about what you’re showing. He seamlessly blends what he’s talking about to what is on the screen. He’s in control of guiding your thoughts by presenting you with visuals that enhance the picture he’s speaking of.
  • Use more of less. Lessig’s PowerPoint deck commonly include over 300 slides. His slides are not lengthy however. They are short and concise often containing single words. Meaning his listeners don’t have to listen and read long sentence at the same time.

In this clip of Lessig giving a presentation you can see clearly understand what’s important and that is the words he’s speaking. I feel that concept is the main thing to be learned about what to do when giving an oral presentation. The content should be found in the spoken words not in a PowerPoint or other visual aid. While visual aids can help, it’s clear they must not detract from the crucial information one is delivering orally.

I feel I will approach using PowerPoint or another slide share software very differently than I have in the past. In previous presentation I have been taught to use it to outline your speaking point but with what I now know I will approach creating it quite differently. My plan is once I’ve laid out the specifics of my presentation I’m going to closely look at it and think, what do I want my audience to take away or what sole fact/figure is really important to highlight to my audience. I will base my slides off the answers to those questions and then focus on a detailed way to present that information in the simplest, clearest possible way.

For my presentation I will I will be doing a film-type presentation. I have experience with production so I feel this is the best choice for me. I will set up a camera to record the video and then add visuals and graphics as well as edit the video clips with either iMovie or Final Cut Pro. I plan to keep the production very simple because I want the presentation to serve as an example of the type of professional content that a company could realistically product without having in-depth knowledge of the production process, since that is the crux of my research!


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